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Step 1Choose Your Phone

At, we buy all kinds of mobile phones including smartphones like iPhones, Samsung phones, HTC mobiles, Blackberry phones and more. To begin the process, you have to type and select the make and model of your phone. Some phones, like the Apple iPhone, come with different memory capacities. Make sure you choose the appropriate version of the phone to get an accurate quote.

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Once you select the model, click on Submit to get the quote. The quote we offer depends on the make, model, age and current condition of the phone you wish to sell. offers the best possible prices for phones of all makes and model in the market.

Step 3Ship Your Device

If you agree with the price we offer, the next step is to ship the device to our office in Windsor, Ontario. We will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label which you can use to deliver the phone to us. That's right. You won't have to pay a penny for shipping!

Step 4Get Paid!

The last step is simple - you get paid! Once we receive the shipment containing your phone, we will evaluate it to see if it matches the conditions you have described. If yes, we will start processing the payment immediately. Otherwise, our support team will contact you to further discuss the price. Should you disagree with our new offer, we will ship the phone back to again - at a minimal cost to you.

Why will always have a fair deal for you, whether you wish to sell one good phone or a number of broken phones. We believe in delivering the best for our clients and offer competitive rates on all makes and models in the market.

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