Reselling Tips and Tricks: How broken is a broken phone?

Phones are the most used gadgets all over the globe. It happens with people from all around the world, when they get tired of using their old phones; they sell them and switch to new phones. But what if the phone breaks? What is it that comes to your mind at first? Well, most probably you’ll get worried that it won’t sell out and won’t be of any use to you. We might have a solution for that!

Are you looking for a new phone? Worried that your old phone is too broken to sell out? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Don’t think about the various issues in your phone and don’t think that with all its existing problems, it would not be able to fetch you any cash.  CashInYourPhone buys your phone in almost all conditions. With us, keep your worry aside. How? Let us solve all your queries!

CashInYourPhone accepts phones in literally almost all conditions. Your phone might be broken, but not too broken to be sold to CashInYourPhone. Sounds like a dream, isn’t it?  But it is not!

Let’s now discuss the types of damaged phones and analyze how broken is your phone:

Your phone has a charging issue:

If your phone is not charging due to a damaged charging port, you do not have to worry as CashInYourPhone will pay you cash for it. Even if it has a weak battery issue, you can easily sell it to this stop and gain money in return.

A broken screen:

Broke the LCD of your phone? Worried that it won’t get you any money? Well, no. Your phone is not too broken for CashInYourPhone. It might affect the price but something is better than nothing. Instead of spending money in repairing of the screen, you can get some extra cash by selling it to CashInYourPhone.

Touchscreen not responsive:

Sometimes the touch screen of your phones stops responding to your fingers or start responding abnormally, that’s the time when you start thinking if your phone can be sold or not or has it become a piece of trash. But not anymore! CashInYourPhone will pay you money for a phone with this defect as well.

Your phone not reading the Sim card:

If the place where you place the sim card in your phone gets damaged, the phone stops reading your sim. This problem can be resolved and your phone is still good enough to be sold.  

The screen-lock button not working:

Due to excessive button usage, sometimes the lock button gets damaged. And one faces problems in switching on or switching off the phone. This type of problem won’t make your phone ‘good for nothing.’ You can still sell it to earn money via CashInYourPhone.

Software crashed:

Your software got crashed? Not to worry, don’t spend money in reinstalling the software in your phone. This phone can be sold to CashInYourPhone and you can use this money and your savings to buy a new phone.

If your phone has the above-mentioned problems, then congratulations! Your phone is not too broken to be sold. It can still give you good money through CashInYourPhone. This really is an exceptionally amazing stop for those who like changing their phones frequently. Even your broken phones can be sold at a good price.

But there are some phones which unfortunately are not accepted even by CashInYourPhone. Such issues include:

An internal circuit issue:

If your phone has an issue with its internal circuit or the circuit is short, and cannot be repaired easily, that’s a phone CashInYourPhone does not accept. Unfortunately, your phone is unlikely to be sold in that condition.

You now know how broken is your phone and if it will be accepted by CashInYourPhone. So, if you are looking for a platform where you can sell your old phones which are defected, this is the one for you!