Reselling Tips and Tricks: Are Accessories Going to Help My Device’s Resell Value Go Up?

If we talk about reselling a product, accessories do not always increase its value and often don’t help in selling it at an increased price. When we plan to sell out a device, particularly mobile phone, a lot of factors play an important role. Some of these factors include the current physical condition of the phone, its specifications, and the accessories that accompany it. However, most of the time the accessories don’t add too much value, but they do escalate the reselling price of your phone when they are unused and original.

There are various factors that affect the buy-out prices of phones. The phone's current condition has a big impact on its value. Like Phones in new condition earn a premium because cracked or damaged phones will not be worth as much. The older your phone is, the less it will be worth. Different colour items may sell for different values, so be sure to select the right color. Same goes for your accessories. In some cases, your accessory might be a variant that is no more available in the market. Hence, even if it is used, it can add up some bucks to your reselling value.

Another factor is the model of the Phone. If the model of your phone is too old and many subsequent models have already been launched, it is quite natural that the resale value of the phone diminishes.

Warranty is another important factor. If your phone has accessories that are within the warranty duration, your phone’s resell value might go a little up.

If anyone is reselling the product, he should carefully set up the pricing strategy because a good pricing strategy can help in increasing the resell value of the device. An apt pricing strategy involves setting that price where you gain profit from the sale of your product. Original accessories (e.g. chargers, headphones) that have been unused can typically be sold for a good premium since generally people want to buy factory original parts and accessories. Reselling and actually making any good money out of it can be tricky. In case, you have accessories available with your phone that have been used for a longer period of time, there is no point of selling them up with your phone. It doesn’t add to the price. Therefore, in such cases you should rather keep the accessories with you. 

So, the question still remains the same? Is it worth it? To sell your properly functional accessories for a low worth is definitely what you shouldn’t do. So, here are a few ways you should utilize your chargers or headphones instead of just letting them go with your phone:

1.     Use with your new device:

Of course, when you are selling your device you already have a new replacement for it. Most of the chargers and headphones are compatible with a wide a range of devices. So, even if you have brand new accessories with your new device, you can use these as well.

2.     Give them away:

If your old accessory is not compatible with your new phone, you can give them away to a friend who has a device compatible to your charger or headphones.

  1. Use them as substitutes:

Use your charger on other devices that you have. For example, if your charger is not compatible to your new device, you can still use the cord with a new adopter or power bank. If your headphones do not support your new phone, you can still use them on your laptop, tablet or PC.



Ultimately having the original accessories only raise the value when you are selling privately, as these are often looked over by reselling companies who get supplied with these accessories. If you do have a limited edition accessory that came with your phone, your best bet is to sell it separately.