Make Spring Cleaning More Green!

Spring brings in a lot of healthy and happy customs with it. These include the floral exhibitions, the spring festivals and above all, the Spring cleaning! Spring cleaning, the most vital and energetic of all, wipes-out the dullness and dirt brought in by old man Winter. Spring cleaning is never easy, however, you can make the work more sensible and enjoyable if you do it right.

What makes spring cleaning exciting?

Along with the refreshing feel, Spring compels to clean for a variety of reasons. These may include, removal of unnecessary items from your home, availability of more space for new stuff, neat walls, stainless door handles, and many others. However, the most exciting part is finding reusable items that were long forgotten. All of us have piles of items in our house that were bought and used for a short while and were eventually dumped in some corner of the house. Such items can meet two kinds of fate:

  1. Throw away: In the case when items are broken, or you just don’t find use for them anymore. disposing them in a proper way is a must.
  2. Reuse: Majority of the items found, in some way or other can be reused. By reusing we mean three things: repaired to be used again, reshaped into another usable thing, or donated/sold.

Below are the two most common things found while Spring cleaning, along with our pro tips for recycling and reusing, so you can be green while you spring clean:

1. Garments:

We all own around ten t-shirts that we do not wear anymore, three dresses that do not fit now, some extra pair of socks and some pants that are loose. So what can you do with them to make most out of them?

  • Donate: The best possible thing you can do with your clothes that are in good condition but can’t be worn by you anymore is to donate them to your local charity. Before donating them to places that resells them for profit, try donating them to homeless shelters and orphanages first: places where people are actually going to re-wear your clothes.
  • Fix them: Some of these wearables can be made usable again by simply fixing them. Missing buttons, loose sleeves, and damaged hems are easy fixes that you can do at home. Otherwise, you can use our third tip if they really are damaged. Remember not to donate broken clothes!
  • Repurposing: Just because your clothes are tattered doesn’t mean that they’re useless. Try repurposing them. Cotton shirts make great rags for wiping windows! Do you happen to have a skirt with a cool pattern? Why not try turning it into a throw pillow case. There are plenty of DIYs that you can do. Not only are they easy and fun, but they are basically FREE. Talk about upcycling!

2. E-waste:

Electronic wastes, or E-wastes for short, are electronic items nearing the end of their durability. Computers, TVs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are some of the common electronic items found at home, and most of the time, a considerable lot of these items can be reused, renovated, and recycled.

Here’s what you can do with your gadgets that you do not use anymore:

  • Repair: Most of these devices incur simple problems that can be repaired very easily. You can get them repaired and get a fully functional gadget to be used again. However, sometimes the repair cost is not worth it. Not to worry, though, our next tip will help in the occasions.
  • Sell: If you do not want to use that old model of phone anymore, or if you have broken phones you don’t have any use for, you can simply sell it off for easy cash. With the advancements of E-commerce and technology, not only buying, but also selling your used items have been streamlined. There are multiple websites, e-stores and physical stores who simply take your used devices and give you cash in return; and since the transaction happens online, the payments usually come fast, especially if you use PayPal. The rates generally depend upon the model of your phone or gadget, and the market value of the device. A big bonus is that some of the websites (like ours) have free shipping for your device.  

            The best part about these websites is that they give you a rate which is lot better than the purchasers you can find in your vicinity. Also, the selling process and transfer of cash are superfast and secure. Each gadget can be sold at a different price depending on its condition and model. So you get paid justly for what you sell.

  • Proper disposal: Even if you are not interested in money, you do have a social responsibility to fulfill. All technological devices have a somewhat adverse impact on the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint by disposing off your electronic waste properly. Most of the websites on which you sell your devices also give you a chance to get rid of those useless devices and discard them through their recycling process and dealing with E-waste.

So start your Spring cleaning today, and reuse things you usually throw away. Get some extra bucks in for your next month’s budget or spread smiles on faces of underprivileged people by donating.