How to Know if It’s Time to Upgrade or Not?

We live in an era where every new day marks the release of a new technology. We all wish to update ourselves with the latest gadgets, but are restricted either by the cost of the product or by our incapability to decide if the time to upgrade has actually arrived.

Life never stays at one place, it moves on. Change is inevitable, but, there has to be the perfect time for the change to happen. We cannot bring change whenever we want, as there are other priorities also in life in comparison to simply buy a new gadget.

However, we are here to help you identify some key points indicating that your old phone is obsolete now, and your life is demands a new smartphone:


  • It Constantly Crashes:

Whenever you are downloading a new file or updating a new application, either the memory span lapses or the phone crashes, bringing your phone’s downloads to zero.


  • The Battery Is Always Zero:

No matter if you plugged in your phone for the whole night, the remaining battery is still zero. This highly indicates that your battery is exhausted and even if it’s replaced, the system might not work the same with a duplicate battery.

·        The Applications Either Hang or Lag:

Your games hang and crash in between, your pictures seem to delete themselves to free up space, and your weather or news app cannot load today’s statistics because they cannot seem to synchronize with your internet.

·        Camera resolution is Pathetic:

The major tragedy of every phone, the camera makes you look like Godzilla. This happens when the camera gets scratched and fails to produce the results your friend’s Snapchat can. This indicates big time that either get a new camera or change your phone because living without selfie is almost the same as living in a cave.

·        The Annoying Pop-Ups Keep Appearing On Your Phone:

Your phone’s security no longer works against it. Even if you install a new antivirus system, it either crashes or cannot download because even though you deleted more than half your stuff to free up memory, it still cannot seem to find space on your hard drive.

·        The Backup System Refuses To Function:

We all know that if things work through a click of a button, they can also vanish in air through a single wrong click or sudden virus invasion. So, to avoid any mishaps for future, we all create backup files to keep a secondary storage on our cloud system or email accounts. However, it comes as a real shock when there is a sudden alert indicating that no item of data backed exists anymore.

·        Screen is Damaged/crashed:

Lastly, if your screen is crashed or damaged, it is highly impossible to use your phone to its fullest. This acts as a last straw, along when the Phone completely dies or blacks out. Even the repair guy cannot seem to understand what happened and what should be done. This clearly indicates “Its High Time To Spend Some Money And Buy A New Phone”.