Here’s Why You Should Sell Your Old Devices to Us


When our devices get old, we wish we could trade them in and buy new ones and start on a clean slate. The problem so far has been that it is very difficult to find a reliable buyer. That is where we come in. We offer our customers clean deals for their old devices at great prices. We even purchase broken phones! Here is what we do for you:

Highest Prices

First of all, we offer the highest price on the market. At the moment, you can get but a few dollars for your old gadget. We ensure that you get your money’s worth by checking its quality before agreeing with you as to its monetary value. We give the most out of buying your devices, GUARANTEED!

Canadian Firm

Secondly, Cash In Your Phone is based. We understand the Canadian mobile landscape and what devices are most common in this market. We have placed our focus on the major device brands including Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, LG, Motorola and more!Our deals are the best you will get on the market on the major gadget brands.We also offer FREE Shipping to maximize the amount you can get.

Easy Selling Process

Cash In Your Phone understands that value of your time, so we have made our buying processes easy for our clients. We made sure that you do not need to go through a tedious process that wastes your time. We have reduced the process into fourstages: choosing your phone, getting the best price quote, delivery of the phone to us, and receiving your payment. It’s that simple!

Easy Payouts

Our payouts are also the fastest on the market. We do not give you funny and inhibitive procedures for payment. We do not include any fees on your payment to make sure you get the highest price possible. We also have various methods of payment which allow you to choose the most convenient one for your needs. You can choose between PayPal or be sent a cheque. Our payments are guaranteed once we have established the monetary value of your device.

Bulk Purchases

Most of us have had lots of phones to our names. We all have them stacked up in drawers at home where they gather dust and take up precious space. They also increase your carbon footprint for nothing. We make bulk purchases of the phones. You do not have to worry about the price of the whole bulk since we test each device independently for the best results. Our bulk purchases are suited to those with large amounts of devices or as long as it is more than a single device.

For Business Clients

If you have a company where the firm replaces its devices based on a given periodic cycle, rather than dumping the devices, you can give us a call. The firm will get good money from the sale of these devices. We will subject them to the same process of testing where we establish the price of each device.. It saves the firm the pain of having to write off devices just because their time has come.

Our purchase of the old devices is fueled by the need to reduce the amount of recyclable materials that are not being recycled. Modern mobile gadgets are made of materials that can be recycled to reduce the materials that damage our planet.