Ports and Jacks: How to Protect Precious Parts of Your Device

23rd May '17

Your phone has many crucial parts like charging ports, earphones jack, ear piece, mouth piece and a lot more. These parts play the most important role in your phone, but are super delicate and more liable to damage. Hence, using them with care is essential. For example, a damaged charging port can stop your phone as a whole. Since there are really delicate and fine pins behind these parts which are prone to damage, and you need to be really careful about their safety.

Here are a few points that can help you in protecting some of these important parts of your phone:

How Can Users Protect Their Charging Ports?

Premium anti-dust plug is the best solution to save your charging ports. When it comes to protecting your expensive device, you need to take all measures to protect it. One thing to learn about is ‘Port Plugs’. ‘Port Plugs’ are very small but very helpful. They can do wonder, as they are effective in protecting devices from any dust, dirt and liquids going inside them. If you spill something in your pocket, as in your phone, still you would not need to worry.  You would not need to repair the ports of your device.

If anyone needs to make their device look beautiful and dust free, then port plugs are the best option. These plugs are designed to fit and seal, and guard against every type of dust, providing complete protection to your expensive gadgets. These are made from silicone and thus, are durable in nature. They do not tear or rip apart, but are modified to fit in any android and iPhone port, including the lightning port, Micro USB, and headphone jacks as well.

How Can Users Protect Their Earphones Jack?

The best idea to protect your earphones jack is not to use heavy cable of headphones. The damage happens when you keep the phone or iPod in your pocket. Usually, the plug is larger than the jack, so it loosens it in the process. People should use six-inch extension cable with a right angle plug, which will reduce the leverage and the jack will not lose gradually. There is another way too! Decorate your device with the earphone jack plug accessory as anti-dust cover topper. This will give your device a beautiful look and stop any dust from entering it.

You can also use a flexible and much shorter adapter that bends rather than break. You can also protect your earphones jacks by wrapping or tying the end of the heavy cable to something secure, and then run that extension cable to your device. You can also run the cable under a heavy book or similar object which is heavy in weight and then to the extension of the device. Mobile case can also help to constraint any excess cable so that it is just easy to go from pocket to your head. Placing the cable under a shirt or jacket will reduce the chance of losing jack as well.