How do you determine the price of my used phone?

The price of your device is determined by details like the model and the make of the phone, the age of the phone, and its condition. However, once we receive the device, our technicians will assess the status of your device, and send you an updated price quote. You can sell your phone no matter what condition it is in - as good as new, excellent, fair or even poor and broken, and we will offer you cash in exchange.


How do I send my phone?

Once you have signed up and received a quote from CashInYourPhone.ca, wrap your device in a bubble wrap and place it in a shipping box. Simply print off our shipping label and send it through your local post office for FREE.


When will I get paid?

As soon as we receive your phone, our experts will review it. If we find that the phone is in the exact or same condition you have selected, we will start processing the payment immediately. In case our experts believe that the quote has to be revised, we will contact you. All payments are made and sent every Friday, a week after we have received and appraised your device.


What payment methods do you offer?

You can choose to receive your payment for your device by either PayPal if you have a PayPal account, or you can choose to receive a cheque in the mail.


Can I sell multiple phones?

Absolutely. Just fill out our bulk form and submit multiple phones at once. It’s that easy.


Do you accept broken devices?

Yes, we certainly do! CashInYourPhone wants to upkeep our social responsibility by helping you get money and recycle your device at the same time!


How do I get the shipping label?

After logging in go to My Account, click on “Mailing Instructions” for your phone under the Shipping column. Step 1 contains the link to your shipping label in pdf format. Download the label, print it off, and stick it right to your box.


How do I prepare my device for shipping?

Ship your devices with these easy-to-follow steps

Step 1) Wipe your device. Make sure that all Passwords are removed. If you are selling an iPhone, make sure that the iCloud feature has both been turned off and reset. If you are selling a Blackberry, make sure that all the passwords have been removed, and the pin lock has been disabled.

Step 2) Remove your SIM and SD card from your phone if possible and applicable.

Step 3) Charge your phone before packing.

Step 4) Obtain a cardboard box (of Maximum dimensions- Length: 23cm , Width: 20cm and height: 10cm) for sending your phone. Make sure to use bubble wrap to wrap your phone, and simply place your phone in the box.

Step 5) Fill the box with padding material such as shredded paper, extra bubble wrap etc., and ensure that your phone doesn't bounce on the walls of the box. Total weight of the parcel should not exceed 0.5 Kg.

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