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Buying as a business saves resources and increases buying power. It also saves you money!

Get a fair quote from industry professionals
Friendly and fast customer service
We tailor 100% to your business
Safe & Secure - we wipe your data. Guaranteed
Free shipping via Fedex
We buy broken phones as well
Upgrading? Call us. You may qualify for a credit

Does your business have more than ten old phones to dispose of? Then you have come to the right place. buys used phones even in bulk, and offers a competitive price for them. Our aim is to make it easier for you to get rid of old, unwanted phones in exchange of cash and without having to pollute the environment. If you are a business looking to buy old, used phones in bulk, can offer used phones for sale, at highly competitive rates in the industry.

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Whether you want to sell or buy old, used mobile and smartphones in bulk, you can rely on the services offered by As a business, you can benefit highly with our bulk trade-in program. When you choose us for a bulk transaction, you can count on our experienced team to:

  • Offer the best possible quote in the industry - for selling and buying
  • Provide fast and friendly customer support
  • Offer tailored solutions to meet your requirements a 100 percent
  • Remove all data from the phones before reselling them, to ensure that confidential data is not compromised

You can also save money with the free shipping we offer via FedEx. That is not all; we also buy broken, useless phones that you don't need. In case you are planning to upgrade your business mobile phones, we will not only buy the old phones, but also help you secure credit needed to buy the new phones. Why wait any longer? Talk to our support team today to know how can aid in selling and buying of old phones.

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